Youth in the Family

Dranreb Paralleon   | May  2, 2018

Charis Foundation, in partnership with the fourth year Industrial Engineering students from University of Asia and the Pacific (A.Y. 2017-2018), organized the Leading Leaders: Youth in the Family program held in Dizon Auditorium, last May 2,2018.

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TheYouth in the Family theme of the program is inspired by the concept that family plays a huge role in man’s personal development. To be specific, the theme envisions young leaders empowered with virtues who actualize their roles in their families of orientation and, in the future, families of procreation. Furthermore, the objectives of the program are:


(1) to provide means for the youth to develop good habits for their enrichment as human beings,

(2) to shape the youth to be positive catalysts in their families and the society, and

(3) to instill a sense of responsibility towards familial duties.


A total of 60 students from different junior and senior high schools attended the program -
University of Asia and the Pacific, Don Bosco Technical College, Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School, Rizal High School, School of Saint Anthony, and Pasig Catholic College.

The program had three levels, beginning with the person, followed by the leader and the nation. Each level had a corresponding workshop and talk.


The first talk about the person was given by Atty. Oliver Tuazon, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Universitas Foundation. According to Atty. Tuazon, in order for one to make a positive impact towards the people around them, one must begin with the formation of self through the development of virtues. As for the second talk, Mr. Bernard Caasi, a leadership speaker, enumerated towards the participants the necessary qualities in order to become an effective leader. Finally, Dr. Corazon Toralba, the Department Chair of the Philosophy Department of University of Asia and the Pacific, provided an intimate discussion of the family institution.


To complete the program, Leading Leaders: Youth in the Family organized an avenue for the participants to practice what they have learned. The program had a video submission contest which showcased how an individual can practice leadership in his or her own family. An example of this is cooking a meal which allows a family to have a quality time together.