Essentials of Leadership

Martin Morabor   | October 28, 2017

Students from the University of Asia and the Pacific, La Salle Green Hills and PAREF-Southcrest flocked the Leadership Boot Camp conducted by Charis Foundation last October 28, 2017. With the central theme of “The Role of the Youth in Nation Building”, the distinguished speakers instilled to the participants the essence of the virtues and values of an exemplary leader in effecting a positive societal impact.

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Youth & Nation Building
Leadership Bootcamp

In the talk of Atty. Oliver Tuazon, President, and CEO of Universitas Foundation, he emphasized how the basics are deemed to be universal and common to all men and women of all times. He also pointed out how these things are deeply rooted in human nature. Meanwhile, the second speaker, Mr. Chris Tiu, President of Charis Foundation, highlighted the essence of diligence and competence in contributing towards a progressive nation. He also mentioned how these characters reflect in one’s actions.

Lastly, Atty. Alexander Lacson, author of the national best-seller “12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country”, inculcated among the attendees the responsibility of the youth in making this nation a better place to live in.


The delegates from the said schools also participated in a series of a workshop which enabled them to strategize and exchange perspective with their fellow delegates. The main highlight of the event was the VOICES Analysis, wherein the participants presented their idea of a project that would reflect their learning for the day. After a thorough question and answer portion, PAREF- Southcrest bagged the championship. It was concluded with a photo opportunity among the attendees, organizers, and the speakers.